Wander is a digital art project I created for the 2015 senior showcase at the Williams College Museum of Art. It is not a game, but merely a virtual environment that invites the viewer to explore it. In the gallery, it was run separately on a row of three monitors. In front of each monitor was a pedestal with a wireless mouse. I did not provide any explicit instructions, but this setup was enough to encourage people to approach the installation and grasp the simple point-and-click control scheme.

I think of the project as a virtual sculpture garden. The abstract ruins suggest a narrative, but I have intentionally chosen not to supply one. What I am after is the evocation of curiosity. Journey was definitely an inspiration, though contrasting the names Journey and Wander essentially explains the conceptual difference in my approach. The landscape of the miniature planet is designed so that there is almost always one or two objects of interest looming on the horizon. Within the gallery space, viewers are not expected to spend more than a few minutes with each screen, so people generally walk away with three glimpses of different areas of the environment.